Pedophilia (Audience : Elderly)

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What is pedophile and who is the victim? Why? well Pedophilia is a recurrent sexually arousing fantasy, behavior that involved sexual acts with children or impulsive desires, and it is occur over a period of at least six months. According to most cases, the pedophile should be at least five years older than the child. A person can be considered a pedophile with the age of at least sixteen year old (Cochran & Cole, 2010). The pedophilic disorder can be diagnosed when the individual or person must have action on their sexual urges or having a distress due to their urges or fantasies. This people also would deny any sexual attraction to children. Without these criteria, that person only has a pedophilic sexual orientation and not a pedophilic disorder. The highest possible prevalence in the man population is about 3% to 5% but the prevalence in the women population is said to be a smaller fraction than man. In general, the frequency is still unknown for pedophilic disorder as individual tend to deny when asked. (“Psychology Today”, 2018).

The individual that suffer this disorder might have the tendency to suffer the trauma of being molested as children. Through sexually assaulting kids, the pedophile attempt to re-live the pain they experienced when they are children and try to mastering its. By this role reversal gives them the advantages and stops them from being victimized. Many professionals trust that disorders for sexual preferences develop from childhood experiences throughout critical periods in human development. According to Jones (2018), people who have pedophilic disorder lean toward to have low sense of empathy and they are more seem like people who suffer Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and they also tend to have a smaller frontal cortex which is the front part of the brain.

In many cases shows that individual that has this disorder and loss self-control would place themselves in positions where they easily found kids. The existing of the internet has become a medium for them to hunt for a prey on kids. Kids now day often used Facebook and displaying their personal picture may indirectly help this people to find their next target. They will try to build the false sense of trust among kids before they manipulate and trick the kids.

Next, that person will set up a meeting or places so they can act upon and fulfill their sexual desires (Cochran & Cole, 2010).

People who have this disorder believes that sexual contact with kids will fulfill their sexual needs. If we want to compare pedophiles and rapist, those with pedophilia will see themselves as less guilty after molesting kids and believes that the kids are responsible enough for their own action. They usually claim that the kid has “seduced” them and think that they are not hurting them. They are only “sharing pleasure”. There are two factor that explains why this disorder could happen which is neurological factor and psychological factor. In neurological perspective, there are evidence suggesting that neurotransmitter like serotonin and dopamine do not function correctly in individual that has paraphilia. More ever, genetic factor could also be the cause to this disorder where other close family member had history of paraphilia .


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